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Our Bundles

Lifestyle Health Panel - $99

This lab panel helps the individual understand their risk for common lifestyle-related conditions like liver damage, hepatitis and HIV.

Man Womal Couple in Grass.jpg
Reproductive Health Panel - $129

This panel is helpful for understanding each stage of the reproductive journey.

Middle Aged Man_XL.jpg
Men's Health Panel - $99

This lab panel provides a comprehensive look at a man’s overall health.  From diabetes screening to testing for hormones, heart disease, thyroid and more – this panel covers screenings generally recommended at an annual health visit but at a much lower cost.

Middle Aged Woman of Color_XL.jpg
Women's Health Panel - $99

Women have their own health needs…this panel is specifically designed to help you understand your health and alert you to concerns such as heart disease, hormone levels, diabetes, thyroid function and more.

Overweight Couple_XL.jpg
Diabetes Prevention & Management Panel - $59

This panel is helpful for both detecting and managing diabetes. It evaluates the sugars in your body along with other common screenings including cholesterol, lipids, electrolytes, and liver and kidney function.

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